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Would you like to be updated on a (semi) regular basis of incoming stock, pre-orders, new releases and exclusive specials?

Reel Collectibles posts up a e-newsletter on this page every now and then, or whenever new stuff turns up and sends out a notification to all our customers and newsletter subscribers when the latest issue is up. If you'd like to hear the latest in the Movie Collectibles World, are hanging out for a new piece to be released or want a bargain, subscribe now!

It's easy, just click here to send us an email, and please let us know what country you live in. If the email program you are using is not the email you wish the e-newsletter to go to, please state which email you want it sent to in the body of your email.

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6th July 2009
In this edition: Armageddon, Guillermo Del Toro, Queenstown Winter Festival, Gentle Giant and a bit about shipping
For some of you this is the first e-newsletter you've read from us, so welcome, we hope you enjoy reading it. For everyone else who has been faithfully reading all our past e-newsletters, I apologise sincerely. As I sat down tonight to write this, I was honestly astounded and ashamed to notice that this is the first I've sent this year! Something tells me that working 60 hours + a week isn't freeing up my time after all!
True to form, we attended Christchurch and Wellington Armageddons earlier this year, and also attended the brand new Dunedin event. Armageddon just goes from strength to strength, with this years Auckland event moving out to the ASB Showgrounds as it has outgrown the Aotea Centre. A huge highlight this year was meeting Guillermo Del Toro and selling him some collectibles from our stall at the Wellington event. Guillermo is in Wellington currently writing the script for The Hobbit with Peter Jackson. If you're reading this, Hola Guillermo!
We've had several shipments in this year with heaps of new releases and new lines. Here are some of the most popular items at the moment:
Star Trek - New items from both the new movie and Classic Star Trek, more coming soon
Terminator Salvation - New pre-orders available now
Bad Taste Bears - New line, these cute yet odd little collectibles are super popular, and well priced
Dark Knight Kotobukiya Batman Original Suit Statue - New release
Dark Knight DC Direct Joker Statue - Back in stock!
Dark Knight Neca Joker Headknocker - Back in stock!
ACME Halo Art Prints - New releases available
Headknockers - Started them their own page
Universal Studios Monsters - Gave them their own page too
DC Comics page - New section, new items and new pages
Horror Section - New section, start here for evil collectibles
Halo Gentle Giant Bust - New release
Halo Wallets and Canvas Bags - Back in stock
Gremlins 2 8" Deluxe Gizmo Plush - back in stock
Star Wars Wesco R2D2 Alam Clocks - hugely popular, get your order in for next shipment
Watchmen page - new releases
Wolverine Headknocker - back in stock
Transformers products - new releases, coming in next shipment
And last but not least, our hottest selling line at the moment. This one is so big it needs its own section, so here's the latest happenings with...
Twilight has gotten so big, so fast, that we recently had to upgrade the way we displayed the items on our website. Our new 're-vamped' Twilight section now has 15 different categories for all your Twilight goodies. If you are still waiting to receive pre-ordered Twilight items from us, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! Some items seem to keep getting delayed but we'll be watching their progress and letting you know as soon as they are on the way. Good news for some... our next shipment includes the new Image Charm Keyrings and Bracelets, the new Bookmarks, Team Edward Rubber Bracelets, the new Umbrellas, Red Jewel Charm Bracelets and the Edward and Bella 7" 2-Packs. Oh, and Vampire Mini Kits... I don't think I've added those to the website yet - keep checking back! Meanwhile, the official New Moon teaser posters arrived into stock on Friday - if you want one, get in fast!
Queenstown Winter Festival Star Wars Troop 2009
This years Winter Festival has just wound up. For those of us that live here, as much as we enjoy the festival, you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief as things get back to relatively normal (Well, normal for Queenstown anyway). We had the honour of hosting members of the 501st Legion in our home town again for the Festival Float parade and had a superb couple of days trooping. We even had a couple of members from the Australian Garrison coming over this year to see what all the fuss is about, and by all reports they thoroughly enjoyed themsleves, so hope to see more of the Aussie-troopers here next year. Highlights of the parade can be viewed here: Queenstown Winter Festival 2009
Kotobukiya/Gentle Giant
If you read back in last years newsletter archives, you'll see a bit about problems we had with the supply of Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant products. The Kotobukiya situation sadly remains the same, with most items still available, but still sporadic, and our hands tied on the pricing. The good news however is that Gentle Giant Ltd have seen the light and changed suppliers, so now the Gentle Giant Ltd products supply has improved and a wider range will be starting to appear on our website - we've already added quite a few new Star Wars products.
A bit about shipping
Here at Reel Collectibles we are committed to bringing the best quality Collectibles into New Zealand for our customers at the best possible price. One of the big costs involved in running a business like this is the shipping and importing costs. The New Zealand Government doesn't help, by pretty much helping itself to a ton of our money for doing sod-all, just to release our goods. So one way we keep costs down is by bringing in a large shipment about every 8 weeks or so. By shipping in bulk like this, we ensure that the shipping cost remains low, and therefore keeps the overall price down. We will bring in some items on a more regular basis if it proves economical to do so however.
This does mean that our prices may fluctuate on our website every so often, as we have to calculate the costs of items based upon the exchange rate when items get shipped. As you will be aware, the last few months have been topsy-turvy financially worldwide, but things are starting to settle down now. Now is a good time to order, as some of the prices on our website for new items being ordered in will now be slightly cheaper to order for ouir next shipment.

So that's all for now, our next shipment is due in about 2 weeks or so, so for those of you waiting for collectible goodness, it's not long now. And I promise that the next e-newsltter will be along in less than 6 months!

Hugh & Sarah


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