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Top reasons to buy from Reel Collectibles (in no particular order)

Hugh, Sully and Sarah

Warm and fuzzy service

We genuinely care about you getting your item. We package items carefully, in such a manner that we would like to receive them ourselves. We are collectors and fans ourselves and take great pride and care in all of the items that come into our shop. Whenever possible, items are individually checked over and then carefully resealed, to ensure that are in mint ex-factory condition. We email you as soon as your item has left our store with a courier tracking number so you can keep an eye on it.
Happily, many hours have been lost in the shop talking with customers about collectibles and many of our regular customers have become very good friends.

Hugh, Temuera Morrison and Sarah

New Zealand owned and operated - and damn proud of it

Hugh's a Kiwi. Jason's a Kiwi. Sarah's English, but arrived in NZ in 2000, loved it and has never left, and has been a New Zealand citizen for some time now, so is technically a Kiwi also. We own our shop, and, well, OK, the bank owns us, but we're not owned by a foreign based conglomerate, we're just the typical kiwi small business. To paraphrase a fellow Kiwi Temuera Morrison (and proud owner of a Reel Collectibles T shirt!) in one of his most famous roles as an actor: "We're just a simple store trying to make our way in the universe."
Our shop is here for fellow kiwis, to make it easier to get cool collectibles into our New Zealand homes.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

We bring our items from overseas suppliers into New Zealand for you, and pay all exchange rate conversion fees, import costs, customs fees, government transaction duty fees, GST and shipping costs involved. All you pay is the price you see on our web site and if needed, courier costs to get it to you. If you're in NZ, you're buying from NZ, in NZ dollars. Easy.

Hugh and Sarah being geeky

We love what we do

We started this business because we fell in love with both movies and collectibles. That does make things tough sometimes, because we always want to buy the cool stuff that comes into the store! It's like Christmas to us when new stock arrives and we really are like big kids in a big kids toy store. We have been regularly attending the Armageddon Expos since 2005 and Hugh and Sarah are both also official members of Outpost 42, the New Zealand Garrison of the 501st, an organisation whose members proudly own and wear movie accurate Star Wars Imperial costumes.

Reel Collectibles store

We have a shop

We live in Queenstown, and love it, so we have a shop down here. We're not operating out of a damp old garage, shipping container or spare bedroom. If you want to call us up and speak to a real person who knows about your order, you can. If you want to come and visit our store and see a whole lot of cool stuff in cabinets, on shelves and hanging on the walls, or even pick up your item, you can. Our store is smoke free, not in direct sunlight, temperature controlled and often quoted by customers as "... the coolest shop I've ever seen."

Hugh interviewed for NZ Investor magazine on collectibles

We know our products

We were one of the first retailers in New Zealand to sell Weta products and collect items ourselves so have a personal interest in what we sell. We know what our collectibles are made of, how to look after them, how to package them and how to ship them safely. Hugh has also been interviewed for NZ Investor Magazine (Dec 2010 issue) and the NZ Herald My Generation magazine (February 2011), due to his knowledge in the New Zealand Collectibles industry.

Reel Collectibles environmentally concious

We care about the environment

We have never met a box we didn't like! We re-use packaging materials as often as possible and even have some local Queenstown businesses supply us with their unused packaging and boxes so we can re-use it. We actively recycle within the store, use energy efficient bulbs where we can and we turn off everything when we lock up for the night. We even walk to work more often than not!

ACME Archives Art Official New Zealand Retailer and 20th Century Fox Gallery

We're official

We source internationally renowned manufacturers of Collectibles and import all items ourselves here into New Zealand, so we're getting items direct from manufacturers or their official distributors, making us approved official retailers. Our shop is New Zealand's only authorised 20th Century Fox Gallery for Limited Edition Studio and Animation Art. When you buy from us you can buy safely in the knowledge that you're buying legitimate products which come with all the backup and support of the original manufacturer.

Reel Collectibles flexible

We're flexible

We can't afford to be open 24/7, but our web site is! In saying that, if you're in town and we're not open, all it takes is a quick text or call and we can arrange to open the store just for you. We also know buying collectibles isn't cheap sometimes, so we offer multiple payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, Paypal, Bank Deposit, Layby, Credit accounts and good old cash! Whenever possible, we'll offer combined shipping and we'll even add a product to our web site just for you to view if it is available and not been added yet.

We welcome your feedback, please feel free to email us about anything, anytime!